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Eco-Topia is a Community Sustainable Hub

Where you can find all things eco-friendly and Sustainable - featuring Eco-Topia Festival a yearly community celebration on Sustainability


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About Us

A community based Eco-Friendly festival is a celebration that brings people together to promote environmental consciousness and sustainability. Eco-Topia focuses on reducing waste and energy consumption while showcasing local vendors, environmental activist, and businesses. Eco-Topia Festival features workshops on topics such as composting, renewable energy, and organic gardening, as well as hands-on activities like planting veggies, activities for children and families, such as arts and crafts made from recycled materials, and interactive exhibits that teach about local ecosystems and wildlife. Overall, Eco-Topia festival fosters a sense of community and encourages individuals to take action toward creating a more sustainable future.. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own reusable water bottles and containers, and food vendors are required to use compostable or recyclable packaging. Partners with Eco-Topia and local organizations to promote eco-friendly practices and initiatives in the community. By promoting sustainable living and reducing environmental impact, a community sustainable festival can help raise awareness and inspire positive change in the local community

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